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Toll Free: 1-800-303-0230

Western Divers LTD. has a highly trained team of commercial/Public Safety divers to meet your needs. Our advanced underwater communications allows you to interact with our dive team in real time for efficiency. See below for a general listing of available services. Call for additional information and pricing as these requests are often specialized.
Commercial Diving Services
Service Description
Underwater Inspection and Repair Our team has vast experience in verifying and repairing submerged structures. Examples of this to include: Underwater control valve location and repair, power plant structural inspections, bridge and dam inspections, and more.
Underwater Video and Still Photography We offer underwater still photography to document crime scene investigations along with special underwater low-light video equipment to capture the information you need. With our surface to dive communication capabilities, you can direct our divers to look at specific points of interest underwater while watching our video feed. We can also produce a DVD of the underwater inspection on-site.
Search and Salvage We can provide visual search, sonar search, and search with an underwater metal detector. Advanced navigation techniques allow us to work in limited visibility situations. From finding and recovering small items such as rings, keys, and prescription glasses to finding large items such as four-wheelers, cars, trucks, and boats. We can then rig and lift with lift-bags and coordinate the salvage of your items.
Public Safety Diving There are cases where specially trained divers are needed for your event or occurrence. This can range from surface consultation and planning to full dive team deployments. Examples of this could be emergency safety divers at a boating race to assisting government agencies in search and recovery.